Iggy Azalea is now sporting a lime-green bob!

On Wednesday (March 31), Azalea shared a photo of her new locks on Instagram. “Sip it & Brazil this Friday wooooo!!!,” she captioned the snapshot, referencing her upcoming singles "Sip It" featuring Tyga and "Brazil."

Azalea has been teasing fans with promotional shots on her social media with the same green color hue. She will be releasing both singles on Friday (April 2).

Azalea recently revealed the inspiration behind the title for "Brazil." She tweeted, "Haha it’s called Brazil cause the beat is lit as f--k... and whenever I’ve visited Brazil it’s been the most hype crowd! Brazilians know how to go wild and have fun at a concert. That’s the reference."

A day prior to her new hair reveal, fans questioned if she shaved her head after she posted a series of photos of her donning a Juicy Couture bikini. The first photo mad it seem like she shaved her head, sending fans in the comment section into a frenzy. Once fans swiped to the second image, however, they were met with another image that featured a slicked-back ponytail that was there all along.

The "Fancy" rapper has been known for changing up her hair. She has primarily been a blonde but has experimented with other colors such as red, blue, yellow, pink and purple.

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