Tattoos are awesome and can be deeply personal for those who get them. But they can also be a pain, and not just in the literal sense.

For instance, you never know which jobs in your future might require the removal or covering of ink. Other times, a rushed decision, unfortunate misspelling or even plain ol' crappy design — in permanent ink on your skin, no less — can really cramp one's style and cause some serious regret after going under the needle.

Tattoo woes can also be caused by painful tributes to since-failed relationships to embarrassingly incorrect translations of foreign languages. Thankfully, whatever the reason, there's usually a way to address a regrettable tattoo.

And as for celebrities, they're just like us — they also have tattoo regrets, and sometimes even cover up or remove their ink!

25 Celebrities Who Had Tattoo Regret

Celebrities all have different ways of dealing with their regrettable tattoos — from expensive removal procedures to covering up with more ink... or even just living with their mistake(s) and dealing with the consequences.

Discover 25 tattoo regrets, cover-ups and removals, below.

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