Over the course of their professional lives, actors wear many “hats,” so to speak. It’s nearly impossible to work exclusively in one genre — most actors must diversify themselves across the board, dipping their toes into both television and film work. And then there’s something entirely different: The TV movie. Not just any TV movie, however. The Disney Channel Original Movie.

Referred to as “DCOM” for short, the Disney Channel Original Movie often serves as a springboard for young actors at the start of their careers. For some actors, such as Zac Efron in High School Musical and Demi Lovato in Camp Rock, these movies were responsible for turning them into stars. That’s not always the case though — it’s just as common for an actor to pass through the ranks of the DCOM relatively unchanged. While a Disney Channel credit is without a doubt a resume-booster for any young actor, not every DCOM can churn out a new crop of celebrities.

But then some time goes by. Suddenly, the young aspiring actors of DCOMs past are now the successful working actors of Hollywood present. With high-profile roles under their belts, these actors have come a long way from their Disney Channel roots. So far, you might not even realize that they acted in a Disney movie to begin with. Thankfully, Disney+ is a treasure trove of nostalgic DCOMS — and a handful of them even star some of today’s most in-demand talent. Here are 10 famous actors that surprisingly starred in Disney Channel Original Movies at some point in their careers.

10 Famous Actors You Forgot Were In Disney Channel Original Movies

These big stars made appearances in Disney Channel Original Movies. How many do you remember?

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