The Great American Eclipse as it was called yesterday, happened across most of the U.S but here in Michigan it may have been tough due to the clouds. Luckily some of your friends, neighbors, and other listeners have helped with their Eclipse pictures in case you missed it, or couldn't see it. Click below to see other photos from listeners in Lansing.

And if you missed this one, the next Full Eclipse is coming in April 2024.

Also if you think you stared at the sun or the Eclipse too much with out glasses yesterday, here's how to know if you have eye damage. But unless you stared at it for more than 15 seconds, without glasses, you shouldn't see any damage. If you are feeling any pain in your eyes around Wednesday or Thursday you should probably call your eye doctor, but more about it here.

Also if you still have your Eclipse glasses, you can hold on to them till the next Eclipse in 2024 as they are good for life. If you want to get rid of them, here's what to do to safely and properly recycle them

Also here is one of my favorite pics from a listener, but more are in the above facebook link

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