As humans we possess five common senses.  Those are, in no particular order: Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touch.  But imagine a world where we as humans are given a bonus sense. A 6th sense.

Now I know many will claim that a 6th sense of clairvoyance and perception is a reality but until it's actually scientifically proven, I'm gonna go with we as humans only have five guaranteed senses.

With that said, should we be gifted with a 6th sense, here are a few of our suggested senses:

Sonar: Imagine you're in a dark room fumbling for the light switch, stubbing your toe on on the furniture and falling to the floor writhing in pain. Well you wouldn't have that problem if you could emit a sound wave, have it ping off a wall and instantly know where you're at in the room. Just like a bat, you're now a bad ass  in the dark.

Telepathic Communication With Animals: Imagine your furry little friend is silently suffering in pain due to some ailment you can't identify what it is. Wouldn't it be great if you could get the information you need directly from the horses mouth...or the mouth of whatever animal that needs aid? The only drawback I could see would be when you try to blame the dog for passing gas. At this point, he'd be able to call you out.

To See 15 Minutes In The Future: Imagine all the crap you could get yourself out of by being able to see a quarter hour into the future. I think it would make life just a little more interesting plus, help you on Lions game day by being able to see just how much the Lions are getting blown out in that first quarter. Trust me my friend, that could save you an entire afternoon of agony and pain.

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