Here's a really corny video that tries really hard. That's all I could think of when I was watching this. Yeah, the bike tricks are cool and everything, I mean I guess? I didn't know that BMX was still a thing. Anyway. The voice over here is what kills it for me. I'm not sure who this dude is reading this thing, but where did he get his copy points from? He keeps saying throughout the video, he stood for Detroit. The Silverdome is in Oakland County for God's sake. People from Detroit would have to drive almost 40 minute just to get there. I'm not really sure that's "standing" for the city. Also, this is where history was made? Yeah I suppose so? It housed one of the statistically worst professional sports teams, in the Detroit Lions. I think it's really sad what happened to the Silverdome, this just makes it worse for me.