If you have a million dollars and would like to tell everyone you own an airport than this is for you, and also you will make a lot of new friends. After 25 years of operating the Torchport Airpark near Torch Lake, Duane and Maryann Jorgensen are saying goodbye to it and you could buy it.

The couple bought the airport with a few friends back in 1989 and now after friends have left the Jorgensens are selling it. The grass runways measuring 3,300 feet and 2,600 feet take up about 60 acres, Jorgensen said. The remaining property has 16 hangars that are leased to area pilots and 31 lots that have been platted for future development.

If you are a pilot and own a small plane or live near a big city you could do well with this airport, as you could easily fly all over the state and country. But unfortunately I don't own a plane or a pilot's license so I guess I'll have to dream about owning a small airport. If you get a couple friends and pool your money together you could maybe own this, more on the airport and the sellers here. 

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