Yes you heard that right you can get free fries from McDonald's all this year. You can get a medium order of fries from McDonald's every Friday through the rest of the year. If you wondering if that's too good to be true, well it kind of is as there are a few catches to be able to get them.  The Detroit Free Press  has said that the fast-food chain is giving away free medium fries with a $1 purchase every Friday from now until the end of 2018, so there's catch #1. The second catch is that you have to download the McDonald's app in order to get the coupon for the free medium french fries. So they are kind of free, just make sure to have the app and order something from the dollar menu and you will get some more food.

McDonald's has described the deal here, along with other options on coupons and savings. Also just a heads up, if you have the app you can also get a free pop with a $1 purchase too.

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