As the weather warms up, we can't help but look forward to summer. Here in Michigan we are coming up on the season all about camping, boating and the kind of summer fun only the Great Lakes State can provide.

According to MLive, there is actually a way to get yourself a campsite or a boat slip for free. All you have to do is volunteer to host state campgrounds and harbors.

It's all part of the DNR's volunteer host program for which you can CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

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"Campground and harbor hosts volunteer for 30 hours a week," reports MLive. "In exchange, campground hosts can camp for free for up to a month at 122 state parks and state forest campgrounds. Harbor hosts receive a free harbor slip."

This really sounds like a great opportunity for anyone who is at least 18 years old and looking for some adventure this summer.

If you love the great outdoors, have your own camping or boating equipment, can be available five days a week and pass a background check you are on your way to living the "Pure Michigan" lifestyle all summer long.
Your job as a campground host will include answering questions for guests, plan fun activities, lead tours and, while you will have to do some light maintenance, it is a great way to put your skills and knowledge on display!
According to MLive, those who are selected to be hosts are selected as such due to their availability as well as their special skills and knowledge of camping, state parks and the area in general.
Depending on which area you are designated to host, the duties do vary as well as the time required of you for the program. MLive says you can host any time between a week to four weeks, CLICK HERE for more information about where volunteer opportunities await.
While it does sound like there will be some work involved, it can be a great opportunity for anyone who doesn't otherwise have plans for this summer and a great way to explore our state more.

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