When have you ever been in a situation where you needed internet? Probably every situation or 95% of them. I never think about it much because my phone always latches on to a hot spot and if there is none then I use my phone's internet. Some don't have that option of being able to always have internet, so Wifi hot spots at businesses or establishments are the best option to stay connected and save money. But where are all of the free Wifi hot spots? Now you can know, and you might want to save this list too.

There is now a place online to find out where all of the free public Wifi hot spots in Michigan are and its called Connect Nation. The site has an interactive map showing you where the Wifi hot spots are around Michigan as well as also provides you with the login to the Wifi so yo aren't wasting time trying to find that too.

Lansing area hot spots:

  • CADL Downtown Lansing (401 S. CAPITOL AVE) - Name:CADL Password:N/A
  • ACD.Net Headquarters & Parking lot (1800 N GRAND RIVER AVE) - Name:ACD-GUEST Password:123guest
  • East Lansing Public Library (950 ABBOT ROAD) - There shouldn't be name you should be able to connect to their Wifi inside the library and parking lot.
  • ACD.Net Haslett Location (6102 COLUMBIA ST) - Name:ACD-GUEST Password:123guest
  • Dorothy Hull Library in Diamondale (405 W JEFFERSON) Name:Windsor Guest, Password:5176460633.

There are others as well in our area and you can search for others all over the state here

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