Since the coronavirus is a part of our lives now this gave scammers another thing to latch on to as they continue to find new ways to swindle us. I always mention scams to you and there are even more in this COVID-19 world, like the one involving stimulus checks and how scammers can get your money or information, you can see that here.

According to MLive, the new thing scammers are doing to swindle you are to set up fake companies offering test kits or other at home remedies for coronavirus. This is even something that the FBI is warning people about as scammers have tricked people into buying large quantities of PPE (personal protection equipment) only for nothing to come and they lose money. The scams are worse now because people are looking for an easier way than going to the store for PPE, where supplies were limited.

Another scam that the FBI and others are warning people about are fake test kits or fake tests. Scammers have been known to set up fake companies with the offer for cheaper or easier coronavirus tests. The scammers will take your money and information and not send a test, while some companies will just disappear leaving no trace.

Some things to watch out for are phishing emails as scammers are adding "coronavirus" "COVID-19" "Stimulus" and more health keywords to trick you into opening and reading. There have been several complaints already to the FBI and authorities on this and you can tell them if you think you or someone you know may have been scammed using this Web Complaint Form.

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