Hooters was founded on the philosophy of women-and-wings. The American chain's waitresses famously wear short, skimpy bottoms — usually orange — and a white tank top meant to accentuate their, well, "hooters."

The infamous restaurant — founded in 1983 in Clearwater, Fla. — recently sparked outrage, however, after a staffer revealed the Hooters Girls are required to buy the sheer tights worn underneath their iconic uniforms.

In a viral TikTok video that has been viewed over 4.7 million times, Hooters employee @kenzjee shows how the waitresses buy their tights from a vending machine on site.

"So people always ask me about our tights machine and I have to buy tights today, so I guess I’ll just make a video about it," she says in the clip, showing the tights dispenser located in the bathroom.

The waitress inserts a $5 bill into the machine and pushes a button that reads "Suntan B," indicating which tights she wants to purchase. The brand the company uses is Peavey Hosiery.

As she inserts the money, a colleague can be heard saying in the background, "Not them being $5."

After pressing the button, a little pink box drops from the dispenser and the waitress has a brand new pair of tights for her shift.

Watch the video, below:

In the comments @kenzjee explains that the different buttons — Suntan B, Suntan C and Suntan D — refers to the length of the tights, noting “B is the shortest, D is the longest.”

However, her followers are wondering why she has to pay for the tights herself in the first place if they are required as part of the uniform.

"Why do you have to pay for them if it is part of the uniform? cause in my opinion the boss should provide them for free," a user asked, to which @kenzjee responded: "They have to sell tights thru a third party company because tights are considered 'under garments' so they can’t provide them for us."

Ethan Miller, Getty Images
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Though many are outraged that the waitresses have to purchase their own tights, others pointed out it's a common practice in many jobs.

Some even noted that the cost of the tights could be a tax deduction at the end of the year.

"I always think it's crazy that they make you buy tights, but then again my job makes me buy my scrubs," one person wrote, while another chimed in: "I have to pay $25 a month on my uniforms and pay full price for a coat for my uniform."

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