Pro tip: wear sensible shoes when breaking into homes?

A Boardman, Ohio woman woke up to a nightmare in her home just after midnight Thursday She opened her eyes to find a strange man standing by her bed before his dramatic exit according to the police report obtained by,

when the woman woke up and asked the man who he was what he wanted, the man dove headfirst out of her window.

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The police report did not mention if the window was opened or closed at the time the suspect made his action hero leap out of the home.  What the police report did mention is crocs.  Yep, crocs!  The home intruder apparently ran right out of his white crocs after his flying exit from the Ohio home.



In 2019, singer/rapper/actor Post Malone released his own line of crocs that somehow sold out in minutes.  Since then, he's dropped more crocs only to have them sell out.  I wonder if this suspect will blame Post Malone for making crocs "popular" if that's what the police use to track him down.

It's unlikely the Boardman police will be scraping the old lady shoes for DNA.  With that being said, if you have any information on this case or are missing a pair of white crocs please contact the Boardman Township police by calling: 330-726-4177.

Almost exactly a month ago today we published another story about something flying out of a window in Boardman, Ohio.  A man was put in jail after throwing his TV and other furniture out of his second floor hotel window.  Get that full story by clicking here.


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