Here's another festival that is beautiful and unfortunately cancelled this year and Holland wants make sure you don't show up. According to MLive, the Tulip Festival which has been running for almost 100 years is cancelled this year in Holland and the city wants to make sure no one comes in even though the tulips will bloom. The 91st Holland Tulip Festival was to take place between May 2nd -10th but with the stay at home order through the 15th and not knowing when we can hold big festivals the city cancelled it.

The main reason for the cancellation and Holland not wanting tourists is because they don't have enough infrastructure to handle the would be crowds for the festival. The festival last year had about 50,000 people show up to enjoy the entertainment as well as see the blooming tulips and the city just can't handle that now. They don't have the necessary amount of public bathrooms and also they can't make sure that people will adhere to social distancing. The tulips will still come out but Holland is asking you to not come by and see them as that might cause traffic and other issues for the residents.

Holland did announce that the Tulip Festival will be back in 2021 and ask that you come back next year to them. See more about here.

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