Okay, I swear really hope this is my last post about my dog being in heat, but this was TOO funny not to share!  Thank you to Kyle Hater who also had to survive his dog in heat and he sent me this instructional he wrote out for how to make a Doggy - Pad! I love this because if you haven't seen the video yet, it's extremely hard to put a diaper on a dog, but not only that, my pup Harley ripped the diaper off 5 minutes after I got it on her... so hopefully this one will stick. Pun intended.

If you can't read from the photo above, I took the privilege of transcribing the tutorial for you here:

How To Make a Doggy - Pad!

  • Take a long old tube sock and cut like this: (see photo for sketch)
  • Place the sock over the dog's tail like this: (again see photo)... You can either wash and reuse them or throw them away depending on how hillbilly you are!
  • Pull the cut end between her legs in back and around to the top of her back. Tie the ends back to the tail hole like this: (photo for sketch)  
    And yes, I really have done this before, NO JOKE!  (I would just get her fixed though, because it's a helluva mess!) 
    - Kyle Hater via Facebook