While Mary-Kate Olsen was reportedly spotted shopping for an engagement ring while unaccompanied by her BF Olivier Sarkozy, the latest rumor is that she'd prefer to procreate with than marry her much-older man.

Apparently, M-K thinks he is a great dad to his kids.

Olsen, 27, is said to be very interested in starting a family with Sarkozy, 44, with whom she has been involved since May 2012. She is not as interested in swapping vows. They reside in a townhouse in NYC and began cohabitating after three months together.

A source said, "She'd like to get pregnant but isn't so sure about marriage."

How modern of M-K.

Sarkozy, the brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, has two children with his ex-wife Charlotte. Son Julien is 12 and daughter Margot is 10.

His relationship with Mary-Kate "has made him a better father," according to the insider. "She remembers all the kids' special events."

We sorta hope M-K would hurry up and get married since we know that her wedding dress would be nothing short of iconic. She and twin sister Ashley gave up acting but they are incredibly talented designers.