"Finest?"  "Fine?"  'Fine' is what my wife says when something is not fine.

But I got the award for 'Finest Morning Show in Mid-Michigan.'  I'm not sure what this actually means.  I wonder if this is some kind of subtle hint.

But this glass is pretty fancy and 'Morning Star' does have a nice ring to it.

So yeah, I'd like to thank whoever it is that is responsible for me getting this fine award.

But this is just one of the highlights from the company Christmas party.

I also won pair of earrings in the raffle!

I'll need to get my ears pierced.  Someone suggested that I do it on the air.  I'll consider it.

The buffet was fantastic.  So fantastic, in fact, that I spotted numerous people actually taking pictures of the food.  Read more about that here.

The first two people in the buffet line were people that I, nor anyone near me, knew.  We're a pretty small group.  I'm thinking we had some random people sneak into the party and eat free food.  Have you ever done that?  Like, Wedding Crashers-style?

I've actually never watched Wedding Crashers.  I'm just assuming that's what they do.  Oh, they also probably drink all the free alcohol.

Speaking of, there was this other person at our company Christmas party that I don't know.  She was so drunk.  When she won her earrings in the raffle, I was afraid she was going to throw up on the new General Manager.  I was trying to motion for her to back up.

How awkward would that have been?

Oh, speaking of the new General Manager.  Alabama took pictures of me accepting my award.  She got a shot that looks like I'm leaning in for a kiss.  That's not what happened.  (I'm just getting ahead of the scandal here.)

Although, I am very appreciative of my award.  I do think they should consider changing the word "finest" though.

I'm taking alternate suggestions.