Hey Violet's new single "Problems" is irresistible, devil-may-care electro-pop.

Premiering exclusively on PopCrush, "Problems" is about navigating all those relationship red flags with a positive attitude — or, in this case, a catchy, skittering beat and flurry of sweet synths.

“'Problems' is such a cool song to us because when you’re first listening to it, it sounds like just a cheeky, flirty, fun song," lead singer Rena Lovelis shares. "When I was writing it, though, I felt almost as if I was attracted to peoples’ red flags. The attraction I’m singing about in the song is really based off of seeing those red flags and romanticizing how detrimental that might be to my psyche. I feel like I was in a really lost place when I wrote this, always confusing red flags for an invitation to be with someone."

Although the song is about rushing into the inevitable next mistake, the track's overall sonic vibe tells a much more carefree story: "That’s one of the things we love so much about 'Problems' — the meaning behind the song contrasts so much with how it makes you want to dance!"

"Something interesting about the instrumentation is that we wanted the first half of the chorus to come in super scarce and broken down sonically, which made the second half of the chorus so much more cool and impactful," Lovelis explains. "Then at the end when the post-chorus hits, it’s even more explosive. I think people are really going to love this one.”

We can't help but agree. Listen to Hey Violet's "Problems" exclusively here first, below:

"Problems" is off the band's upcoming EP of the same name, out April 30. Previously released single "Friends Like This" will also appear on Problems, which is the first of three EPs that will culminate into a full-length record.

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