There are countless beautiful homes here in Michigan from quaint lakeside cottages to massive mansions. What can a million dollars get you?

Much like anywhere else, different cities and different places have different costs of living. There are also so many factors to consider when you look at the location and price of a home.

You have to think of the proximity to a bustling downtown, if it is a popular tourist location, if it has a ton of property or not, basically all of the things people have on their "wish lists" on shows like "House Hunters."

I feel like another important thing to consider when looking at a million-dollar home is also what will you have to do as far as updating and renovations go. For example, is it just painting a few walls or is it completely re-doing the kitchen?

So, if you have made it to the point where you are looking to move to a millon-dollar home here in Michigan, here are a few examples what some of your options could be in 10 different cities:

Million-Dollar Homes In 10 Different MI Cities

I think the most fun part of things like this is seeing how far a major amount of money like a million dollars goes goes across our state. I, personally, love the New Buffalo home and with a few minor tweaks it would be the ultimate 1970's lakeside getaway.

What is your favorite? Do you have a million dollar home you would like us to see? Send some photos our way!

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