With the premiere of Father of the Bride Part 3(ish) on Netflix, we were curious.

I was 9-years-old when Father of the Bride came out in 1991; to say that I was too young to understand most of the movie is an understatement. In fact, one of my most clear memories was watching the movie with my sister and my aunt and, when George tells Brian to "fasten your condom...SEATBELT! I meant seatbelt," my sister asked my aunt what a condom was. We still laugh about it to this day.

Aside from learning about contraceptives from Steve Martin, I also learned about the cost of weddings. In fact, most of the film is about Steve's character and father of the bride, George, obsessing about how much weddings cost.

The average price of a wedding in 2020 is about $31,000, according to theknot.com.

However, back in 1991, the average cost was about $8,000, which makes the price tag on the Banks/McKenzie wedding even more shocking - the total cost of the extravagant affair at the end of the movie comes to just shy of $250,000.

What's that figure based on? First of all, Annie's dress is no joke with a price tag of $68,000. It was inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

Luckily, they offset the cost of the dress by having the reception at the Banks home. And while this got rid of a venue cost, it's not like they rented The Steak Pit. They had to erect a tent, rent chairs, tables, etc.

The food is another big one - with the guest list reaching 572 people at one point and a charge of $250 per person, the food alone would've run up a tab of over $143,000.

As far as travel, George Banks flew in several relatives from Denmark, which would cost him about $10,300.

And now, let's talk about Franck. Not FRANK, Franck.

Franck's wedding planning services came to about $18,000.

Before your eyes start watering over the amount of money spent on a fictional wedding, indulge in some nostalgia, and watch the mini-reunion of the Banks/McKenzie family.

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