Have you heard of Turtle Island in Lake Erie?

For most, this island has been long forgotten. However, it might be proof that the feud between Michigan and Ohio has been going on for much longer than we all realize.

Turtle Island, once determined to be halfway in Ohio and halfway in Michigan, has a rich history. From being a place that served as hunting grounds for the indigenous to being occupied by British forces, the territory was disputed for quite some time. And you can see why. A quick Google Maps view shows it to be split down the middle between Ohio and Michigan:

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

However, that dispute was, apparently, resolved in 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court determined that the island fell in Ohio territory waters alone. Read more here.

Why is the Island So Small?

That credit goes to good ol' Mother Nature. The island was originally about 6 acres of land but has shrunk to a mere 1.5 acres over the years.

There's even a lighthouse still on the island that was constructed in the mid-1800s, according to onlyinyourstate.com. But, much like the rest of the island, the storms and other extreme weather conditions reduced it to what it is now: a stone tower with a lantern room.

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Can I Visit the Island?

No. Yes, the island is uninhabited and sits in the middle of the water at the mouth of Maumee Bay but, it is privately owned. Therefore, trespassing is prohibited. You can, however, snag a drone video apparently:

The real question is, why would someone want to own a very small, sinking island? That same article from onlyinyourstate.com says that there were once plans to build a B&B on the island but, ultimately, those plans were not executed. At least, that's the rumor. Probably because an ever-eroding island doesn't make for a great building foundation. But, what do I know?

The history of this island was recently posted on Facebook by an account named Camera Jesus. In their post, they include an even more in-depth history (that is not cited) which you can see below:

What's Going to Happen to the Island?

Only time will tell. Nature seems to be reclaiming the island more each year. So, eventually, there may only be a partial tower remaining. It's pretty incredible that something that was, at one point, fought over by two states is slowly turning into just a shell of an island.

Shell. Turtle Island. Get it?

You can read more about Turtle Island at onlyinyourstate.com.

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