This haunted structure is located in Ypsilanti, and its creepiness really stands out from all the others in the neighborhood.

Edwin Mills built this old house in 1858 at the junction of (what is now) Washtenaw and M-17 (N. Huron Street). The home was later occupied by the Starkweather family.

Mary Ann Starkweather wanted her home to someday be used as a library, and in 1890 she handed it over to the Ladies Library Association. Once called the Ypsilanti Ladies' Library on the campus of Eastern Michigan University, the library stayed in operation until 1964.

Then some ‘genius’ decided to turn the old house into an office building. According to locals and nearby EMU students, this change of operations did not go over well with Mary Starkweather’s spirit.

Her original intentions for her house were being changed by the mortals, so she decided to get even by haunting the structure. Her restless apparition has been seen by employees walking the upstairs hall, with the faint sound of footsteps occurring when no one else is around. A janitor claimed he was working in the basement when unseen hands began touching him.

Next time you’re near Ypsilanti’s EMU, stop in…maybe you’ll get a tour. Either way, just ask any college student or employee about the building…chances are they will confirm the haunting.

130 N. Huron Street, Ypsilanti.

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