As this video is being passed around the internet of a TV reporter/hash-enthusiast who quit her job at an Alaska TV station while outing herself as the owner of an organization called Alaska Cannabis Club, vowing to focus her efforts on the fight to legalize marijuana, I've seen a few people saying things like 'This is how you quit like a boss,' or 'This is awesome.'

Maybe it's just the mature adult in me or maybe it's the career broadcaster in me or maybe it's the sensible advocate in me but --- this was not quitting 'like a boss' and it was not 'awesome.' It was stupid.

It was distasteful. It brought shame to her. It brought potential litigation against her. It most certainly killed her chances of ever having a job in broadcasting again and damaged her general employability as well. Oh, and it didn't exactly shine a positive light on her new cause either.

Not to mention that it made absolutely no sense to the viewer who has no back story on why she decided to quit or why she was, apparently, unhappy at her job.

It was dumb.

She was apparently not thinking past the ganja. What is she going to do when weed gets legalized? What's her job going to be now that the whole world has been introduced to her questionable work ethic?

Dear hopeful future broadcasters: Watch and learn what not to do. Ever.

As a wise friend and fellow career broadcaster put it: she burnt a bridge right along with that doob.