Credit: McConnell Adams TSM #CGMF #CGMF2018
Credit: McConnell Adams TSM

Remember when Halsey was here last summer for Common Ground? And she had that breakdown on stage and a lot of folks thought it was over G-Eazy? And they had just split up? Let us jog your memory.

(Video: cynthia mcclintock via YouTube)

Well after this they got back together. Only to finally call it quits for good? And Halsey really hadn't spoken on the "why".

Well, this past weekend she let us in. With her performance of "Without Me" on SNL.

(Video: Saturday Night Live via YouTube)

It was a very passionate and personal performance. Aimed right at us and cutting through directly to Young Gerald (G-Eazy).
The words on the walls behind her that showed up...well, see there's a story.
Apparently, they are from a hand written not that he wrote to Halsey using her real name (Ashley). And it details his cheating and all the cities he cheated in.
Last summer, she caught G-Eazy sexting with a British woman. They reconciled only for him to reveals his true colors a second time. Halsey’s Saturday Night Live show provided new details of which cities G-Eazy kept his side-chicks. (Entertainment Tonight)



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