Man I miss going to the gym.

Okay, I don't miss going to the gym. In fact, if you ever seen me you would know immediately I don't spend, or have ever spent a lot of time (or any time lately for that matter) at the gym.

Now I used to. A long time ago in a way more fit galaxy far, far away. But fast forward to now and I'm writing articles about how I don't go to the gym anymore. Not that I could, right? I mean with the COVID-19 pandemic who can go to the gym anymore as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has said going to the gym these days is a no-no.

However according News 10 this is probably going to change soon.

Here's the good news folks. Not only are gyms supposed to open, but theaters are also expected to get the green light, along with bowling alleys, ice skating rinks and places like that should also get the "Okay, go!" from the Governor sometime this week. These openings are all expected to happen after Labor Day, after we all get done slapping burgers and dogs on the grill and sitting around drinking a pop or two over the weekend.

Now this could all change depending on what happens with the pandemic but the chances are pretty good. Of course customers will have to observe social distancing guidelines and businesses will have to observe sanitation guidelines too. But if you feel that gravity has taken over your physique or you want to get out and see a movie or hit some pins then this is pretty cool news.

Get more info here from the News 10 website.

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