Today is NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH DAY! A great day for a grilled cheese (especially on a rainy Thursday).

We all know that grilled cheese pairs perfectly with a bowl or cup of tomato soup. But if soup isn't handy, is KETCHUP the next best thing? Is it acceptable? There are grilled cheese purist who say that it should be just bread, cheese, & butter. Adding anything extra to it makes it a melt. But what about condiments? I have heard folks suggest mayo as well?!? But grilled cheese and KETCHUP? Dipping your grilled cheese into that in lieu of tomato soup?

You Really Should Be Eating Your Grilled Cheese With Ketchup

Yup, there's a way to upgrade your grilled cheese... Let me show you the way to gastronomic BLISS. It's pretty simple, actually, and you probably have what you need in your fridge already. All you have to do to upgrade your grilled cheese is ADD KETCHUP.

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