Green's Pavilion...WOW...what a place for Rock & Roll!

Back in the 60's TONS of the best hitmakin' bands played there:
Bob Seger & The Last Heard
Freddie & The Dreamers
Roy Orbison
Amboy Dukes
Del Shannon
Paul Revere & The Raiders
Frankie Avalon
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
Dave Clark 5
Four Seasons

...and oh, so MANY more. Who do YOU remember seeing there?

It began as the Lakeview Dance Pavilion in 1914; it immediately began luring in big name acts from the 1910's through the 1950's...until big band & swing music got pushed aside for Rock & Roll.

In 1955 it was bought by O.E. Green, who saw the writing on the wall and began his quest to turn it into a venue where the teens could hear their favorite Rock acts of the day. It burned down in 1963, only to be rebuilt as the "Devil's Lake Pavilion"...which was devastated by a tornado just two years later. Green again rebuilt the pavilion, this time dubbing it "Green's Pavilion."

From then on, it's reputation as one of THE places to go was solidified. I played there myself around 1968 when I was bassist in a local rock band....and then it closed down around 1973.

To read a more, in-depth article on Green's Pavilion that mlive did in 2014, CLICK HERE.

What an awesome tale...what an awesome time and place it was.

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