Here in Lansing we make cars. And we do it with pride. When it comes to this state you have the Motor City, Flint, and Lansing. Chances are you know someone who works at the plant, you worked at the plant, you drive a car that was made at the plant.

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This plant.

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How many times have you driven past it? Downtown Lansing. Right off 496? You see the smokestacks. You know where you're at.

We build them and we drive them.

And every now and then, we recall them.

General Motors is recalling more than 10,000 vans due to a fire risk and recommending that owners park them outdoors away from buildings and other structures until they are repaired. (WILX)

Wait. What now?

Park them outdoors and away from buildings?

Yeah, we're gonna need to know which vans and get them in right away to get fixed.

The GMC vans in particular are the 2021 Chevrolet Express and more than 2021 GMC Savana.

And why the fire warning?

Drivers may get a low battery voltage warning if a short circuit occurs, which can cause the battery to die or cause a fire under the hood.(WILX)

You don't want that happening at all much less near the house or in the garage late at night when you and the family are asleep.

There are two places you can go to check your VIN and see if your vehicle is subject to the recall.

You can check the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration website and enter your VIN or you can go to the General Motors Recall Center and enter it there.

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