Merry Christmas, here's a DNA test. What a time to be alive. Usually, the only time we were/are excited to see a DNA/genetic test is when we're watching the Maury Povich show (you ARE the father). Good times. But, now they are as trendy and popular as ever. And with a price drop, (23andMe is offering kits starting at $69 buck) a lot of folks are giving the gift of genetic testing.

Now before you think you're going to get all the bells and whistles just by swabbing you cheek or spitting into a sample tray (ewww), let's be clear on some things. Some tests offer only a limited number of things for the lower prices. The more you pay (and some get up towards $200 and more) the more stuff you get. Genealogy, health screening and more. So make sure you read the fine print. Always remember, you get what you pay for.

The folks over at SmarterHobby did the legwork for you to determine which one is best. Here are their results.

Here are the best DNA tests

Updated: November 2018

  • AncestryDNA: best for cousin matching, most geographic regions for ethnicity
  • FamilyTree DNA: best for serious genealogy, YDNA and mtDNA tests
  • MyHeritage: best autosomal test on a budget
  • 23andMe: best for genetic health screening, not genealogy
  • Living DNA: best for roots in British Isles

The folks at Forbes picked AncestryDNA. And their's starts at just $59.

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