I have a problem... a pretty big smelly  strong problem... I've been seeing a new guy (no the guy is not the problem!) and we've reached the part of our courtship to where we have (Rated PG) sleepovers... which also means that there's the not so attractive things about myself that are bound to come out... like him seeing me with out any makeup, or waking up with morning breath and messy bed head, or the inevitable fact that at some point I'm going to have to go number 2... If you've been following my Facebook feed this past week the number 2's I've had to do this week at his place have sort of left me in a sticky stinky awkward situation! (ie. one time running out of toilet paper and not knowing where he keeps the rolls stashed, or using the spare bathroom in hopes of not getting caught and he ends up walking in right after me to now it's just resorted to me waiting until he leaves for work in the morning so I can rush to the bathroom to do my business or just going home early to do it in the privacy of my own bathroom and not worry about anyone getting hit by the smell) But not anymore! I think I have just found the solution to my problem! Poo-pourri! The reviews look good, it's reasonably priced and the YouTube video is pretty hilarious, so I'm convinced that ordering a purse sized tester as soon as I click on the Publish button of this blog is probably the best idea I've had all day! What are some funny / embarrassing stories that have happened to you in the early stages of dating someone new? Can you remember the first time you did a number 2 when you were *gasp* in the same building? Or even worse accidentally fart in front of them?!?!

Oh, and if you LOVED the commercial for Poo-Pourri, check out the bloopers reel! It's just as funny!