Every Thursday is "Three Question Thursday" on Josh Strickland in the Morning.  Occasionally, I like to throw you a bone, just in case you missed the answers.

Since the answers to the latest installment of our Three Question Quiz could possibly impact your life, I thought this would be an appropriate week to hook you up.

1. Who is Ruth B's song "Lost Boy" about?

2. Which location of Los Tres Amigos did I visit yesterday (Wednesday)?

3. Cheetos is awarding $10,000 to a person that finds a Cheetoh that looks like what?

Some of these questions are easier than others to understand a potential impact on your life, but let me just offer some quick details.

1. While the answer I was looking for was "Peter Pan," Ruth B explained during our Ruth B Secret Show that her hope and intention is that the song isn't *just* about Peter Pan, but can be applied to our own lives in various circumstances.  This is important to know because this suggests that any one of us may possibly be Peter Pan.

2. I visited the Owosso location of Los Tres Amigos on Wednesday, but, what's really important is that you visit Los Tres Amigos.  And you can visit any one of the ten Lansing-area locations.  Why?  To get registered for the chance to MEET Jason Derulo and Daya and see them live at Common Ground on July 10th!

3. It goes, largely, without saying -- winning $10k would be awesome.  So, you might want to get to work on scouring bags of Cheetos for the winning mug.  I found one that looks like Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield, the historical founder of the town of Springfield in which the popular animated family, The Simpsons, lives.