Just a fore warning... THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!

The inner child in you wants to do this... A cool MLive article says this summer you'll be able to slide down a 1,000 water slide. Yeah, this ain't your mama's slip-n-slide! Utah based company, Slide the City, is making it's rounds this summer with it's massive water luge, including a stop in Lansing, Detroit, and a few other Michigan cities! The water slide will be over three football fields long, will be padded with "more cushion than your grandpa's orthopedic sneakers," and will touch down in the middle of a Lansing road.

There are no dates listed as of yet, but you can buy your tickets as early as NOW! There are several different packages available for purchase. You can the most basic of options: $15 for one ride down the slide. However, the tube (which is required to slide), is not included in that price. There are more inclusive package options though; The "Triple Slider" package includes three rides, the tube, and some other goodies for only $30. Finally, the VIP package boasts early and late access, unlimited slides, and TONS of goodies.

I don't know about you, but I will definitely be donning a bathing suit to slide down 1,000 feet of vinyl awesomeness this summer! I'll keep you updated on the event and let you know when they release some concrete dates. If you want a head start on purchasing your tickets (and getting a lower price on those tickets), just go to the Slide the City website.