Michigan has just passed a law that will now require you to pay sales tax on things bought online. According to WILX, the decision was made by the Michigan Treasury Department and they will start collecting the 6% tax on everything sold in the state as of October 1st. So now if you are buying anything from Amazon, or any other online store just know that you will have to pay 6% tax on that item starting today. In addition, if the item doesn't show the tax it will eventually show up on the final purchase screen, as Amazon sometimes doesn't show the tax until you at the final purchase screen.

Because of the decision to start taxing online purchases the state will make about $200 million a year. Outgoing Governor Synder, has offered to use the extra tax money to repair and fix roads.  Michigan has passed through this measure as a result of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. You can see more on the decision here


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