Animal Crossing is one of the biggest games out there now and there is a company that is going to pay you to play it. This would be a perfect job for my house since me and my girlfriend play this game a lot.

There are stories all of the time of companies that are willing to pay people to binge watch a show but this is one of the few jobs where you get paid to binge play a game. The company is, and they are offering people $1,000 to play 50 hours of Animal Crossing. Why? It is basically a publicity stunt and to also provide more people with money during this time with a fun way to earn it.

While I am telling you about it I am also signing up for it, which you can do here, but just know that this is a popular job. This "job" has only been online for a few days and already has more people applying for it than the "job" to play Fortnite.

I'm pretty sure that my household has played the game already for 50 hours so this wouldn't be all that crazy for us. There was also a new update for "Animal Crossing" recently so another reason to hop on this "job" offer. More about it here.

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