Gas prices have gone up about 10 cents a gallon around the state and according to most it looks like gas prices are expected to rise even more.

According to MLive and AAA which surveys prices at 2,800 gas stations across Michigan, it reported Michigan's average price at this time last year was $2.42 per gallon. This price is much higher than our average which is $2.90 a gallon. Most of the cheapest gas can not be found on the mitten but in the U.P, so unless you want to make a costly drive you will be seeing $3 a gallon for gas by next week.

Some of the cheapest gas in the Lansing-Area, according to, can be found at:

  • Market Fresh Gas on MLK in Lansing is currently the cheapest at $2.79
  • Costco and Sam's Club, for member is the cheapest in Mid-Michigan at $2.64
  • Speedways in Lansing and E.L are averaging about $2.90 but the cheapest station is on West Lake Road in East Lansing is the cheapest at $2.79.
    • But this might be because they are right near the Costco which has the cheapest gas.

Expect to see higher prices towards the end of the week or next week as U.S. crude oil prices are up to about $68 as of last week, which is the highest since December 2014.

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