The Joe Louis Arena, or "The Joe" for short, closed last year and is set for demolition soon but before it goes away you can buy a piece of it.

According to MLive, if you are a current or partial season ticket holder for Little Ceasar's Arena then starting today you have first dibs on getting a a seat in the arena. That's right you can buy a seat from "The Joe" and maybe you can even buy a seat you sat in before. All other seats not taken in the first run will be available to the general public on May 12th. Each seat is $300 so if you want one or more make sure you have the cash for it and after you buy it you can either pick it up on site or have it shipped to you. You can look at what is available and get more information at

There is also other things to buy like: Furniture, lighting, signs, suite wet bars and the official scoreboard! and more will be auctioned off in May. More details on those auctions are here and here

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