Gas prices are falling and its the perfect week to do that because we are starting to see more comfortable weather.

According to AAA and WLNS, gas prices have fallen about 10 cents this week across the state, to about $2.60. We are paying more a gallon than this time last year so that's a little unfortunate.

Also according to the Gas Buddy app, the prices around the Lansing-Area range from the lowest at $2.41 to about $2.80. Most of the Speedways, Quality Dairy, and Kroger gas stations are ranging from $2.47 - $2.50. So if you need gas now might be the time to fill up as gas stations tend to raise their prices at the end of the week.

Also the weather this week is calling for little rain or snow and we could be in store for 40s and 50s this weekend. So another reason to make sure you have gas in case you want to get out of town this weekend.

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