According to AAA average gas prices statewide have fallen about 13 cents in the past week, which is very good for us but for how long will this last. I only ask this because with July 4th coming up next week usually gas prices tend to move up with all of the traveling done. The average gas price across the state is about $2.90 with most places in the Lansing-Area around $2.75 or less.

Here are some of the cheapest places to get gas in the Lansing area, according to the GasBuddy app and their website. The cheapest is the Mobil on Haslett road & Hagadorn, it is $2.62 a gallon but you have to use cash. Most Speedways in the Lansing-Area and Mid-Michigan are between $2.80 - $2.83. Kroger is also clocking in at $2.83. There are only a few stations that are over $3.00 a gallon but you can find a majority of them under $2.90.

Even though gas may be cheaper than last week, the average price for regular gas is about 53 cents more than at the same point last year. This is why if you are looking to fill your tank you might want to do it now cause the prices only go up as we get later into the week. To see more on it you can here. 

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