TikTok is bringing laughs during a time when we all need it: the 2020 presidential election.

While most people are on the edge of their seats waiting to discover which candidate will become the president or the United State for the next four years, TikTok creators have been lightening the mood to decrease anxiety and turmoil.

You're most likely already on your phone, tablet or computer to remain well-informed about the latest election news, so why not take a moment to find a little levity in the situation? TikTok is your friend amid this Black Mirror-esque year and election.

From using song lyrics to pop culture references, these creators have gone above and beyond to entertain us all during our time of need and anxiety. (Ironically, the popular social media app was initially going to be banned by President Donald Trump, though it remains unclear whether that's still happening or not.)

While you're waiting for the election results and the latest news notifications, take a few minutes to quell your anxiety with these hilarious TikTok election videos, below.

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