Today is National Toasted Cookie Day, as coined by Quiznos, the restaurant famous for its toasted subs, last year.

Not only does Quiznos toast their subs, they toast their cookies, and company Chief Marketing Officer, Susan Lintonsmith, says "what better way to celebrate National Cookie Day than with toasted cookies?"
 All three Lansing Quiznos locations are offering guests a complimentary toasted cookie with any purchase today.

Two Quiznos locations are recently under new ownership; 2398 Jolly Road in Okemos and 5405 W Saginaw Highway in Lansing, and the new franchise owners are making special efforts to reach out to the community.

Each Friday through the end of the year, the Jolly-Okemos and West Saginaw-Lansing locations will donate a percentage of the day's total sales to two local families who are battling cancer.  The Friends Fight with Friends campaign began on November 22nd.

Here's to getting toasted at lunch!  Lol.