This forgotten cemetery is overgrown, well-hidden and off the road in the midst of a farmer's field. Most people drive by and don't even know it's there.

The Fox Farm Cemetery was established in 1852. It began as a family graveyard but eventually outsiders were accepted, but not many.

Many of the gravestones are so old, you can't read the inscriptions...but the artwork is very cool and ancient. There are some Civil War soldiers buried here and it's rumored there might be a Revolutionary War soldier here as well...but the Revolutionary War was over way before this cemetery existed.

As you can see from the photos below, the cemetery goes for long periods of time unkempt and overgrown with weeds & grass with sporadic maintenance. If you pay a visit, be careful, as the high grass hides some of the lower gravestones, as well as the ones that have been unfortunately vandalized.

It's located near North Branch in Lapeer County, in the midst of a farmer's field near Van Dyke & Brooks Roads. You'll have to park your car alongside the road and walk through a field to get to it. It's a cool little hidden cemetery that has great photo ops!

There aren't any 'no trespassing' signs that I'm aware of, but treat the place with respect and the dignity it deserves: no vandalizing, littering, obnoxious behavior or loud noises...don't ruin the experience for others.


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