Now THIS is MY KIND of holiday snack!

Personally, I've never been a fan of gingerbread. Or gingerbread houses. It's a lot of work to eat it right after, which makes it kind of pointless. And if you let it sit for too long, the frosting hardens and the gingerbread goes stale and just...ick. So, why not make something a little more practical? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...the charcuterie chalet.

Finally, somebody has successfully pulled off my dream - a house made of savory meats and cheeses. If only it was life-sized....but for now, this will do.

To say that this is a snacker's dream is an understatement. And you don't need the nasty molasses to complete it. All you need is some crackers and motivation.

Of course, meats and dairy shouldn't sit out at room temperature, so you can't keep this out for decoration - you'll have to devour it fast, which really shouldn't be a problem if you've got goals in life.

You can do practically ANYTHING with these little cottages - salami roof shingles, cucumber lawns, and cheese stick pillars. The possibilities are endless, and it's all held together with soft cheese, which makes it even more incredible.

So, grab your favorite meat and cheese spreads from Aldi and get to building!

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