WZZM reports that Attorney General Dana Nessel issued an alert for Michigan residents to be aware of a scam that’s aiming to take advantage of recipients of unemployment benefits.

According to WZZM, victims will receive an email from what looks like a Gmail account associated with the UIA, Unemployment Insurance Agency, trying to get personal information from you. They say the scammer will also try to prove their legitimacy by adding what looks like a message from the UIA.

AG Nessel warned residents to not answer the email. She also reminded everyone that the Unemployment Insurance Agency would not ask for personal information in an email. And reminded users to only use the Michigan Web Account Manager which is secured and operates on the UIA website.

If you’ve recently shared your info with scammers or you’re worried you might have, you should report it to UIA as soon as you can. And also keep an eye on your bank account, WZZM advises.

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