There was a story earlier in the year about Pier 1 and Klingman's in Delta Township closing, well now there might be some changes to one of the stores. Right now according to Lansing State Journal, both stores are having sales that pretty much are closing sales. Pier 1 is actually going through a big transformation and they are closing tons of stores nationwide so their closure is part of something bigger. Klingman's Furniture's future might be a little different as they might not be leaving forever.

According to LSJ, they talked with Klingman's President, who said their lease in the Delta township will be ending in a month. Now even though their store will be leaving that location they are searching for a new perminent home and they are hopeful that the new location will be in Okemos. They haven't confirmed of a new location yet but one will be coming soon.

Both stores announced their closing in January and you can see the previous article here

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