After a brief closure, The Fly Trap in Ferndale looks to be reopening sometime soon this month.

Why did The Fly Trap in Ferndale Close?

The Fly Trap is a treasured Ferndale diner that originally opened in 2004 and sadly closed in September of 2021. The original owners, Kara and Gavin, closed the diner at the end of September 2021. In a letter to their "Dear Fly Trappers" that was posted to the Facebook page, they explained the reason for the closure.

When we had to close our doors at the end of September, we weren’t sure what was going to happen. We did know a few things — we were dead-tired, emotionally zapped and feeling bleak about our future.

You can read more in the Facebook post below.

The Fly Trap in Ferndale is Reopening with a New Owner

On a more positive note, Kara and Gavin were able to find a new owner for their beloved diner. And it was someone they already knew; a regular at the diner, Matthew Buskard.

 If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Matt plans on leaving the diner exactly how it is. He figures, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And as a loyal "trapper" for years (the name for their regulars), Matt knows just how fantastic the food, atmosphere, and service have been at The Fly Trap, and he wants to keep it that way.

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He did say there would be some "physical touch-ups that are needed to the building", but assured everyone that nothing else of what they love and remember about the diner will change. They'll still offer delicious and classic diner fare, along with house-made hot sauces and jams, ones that you can take home, too.

When is the Fly Trap Reopening?

It should be reopening pretty soon here. Like, I'm talking about possibly days away. And as they approach the new opening, they're looking to fill a few positions. If you're looking for a job, they're hiring for a host and a couple more line cooks. You can apply via their Facebook page. They do list one thing right off the bat; "You gotta be a morning person because we open at 8AM and close at 3PM!"

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