Angelo's Coney Island has been a Flint staple for nearly 70 years, but the doors were closed for good last week.

Tim Stanek is the current owner, and he said that it really just boiled down to a lack of customers at the Flint location. The announcement came as a shock to some, but the area that Angelo's is in has been hit especially hard recently.

The loss of businesses and population in that area have been a vicious circle that eventually caught up with Angelo's.

I will say that when I first moved to Flint, Angelo's is one of the first places that my Flint friends took me.

It was kind of like a coronation or some kind of baptism into Flint. Angelo's is just so Flint that it's hard to imagine Flint without it.

I know that Flint is rebounding, but there are still plenty of areas in the city that are not getting the attention needed. The downtown area has been the focus of the comeback, along with the college corridor. That's a great thing for the city, but if Flint ever hopes to be back to the city we all remember, some attention needs to be paid to the neighborhoods around the city.

I don't want to turn this into a soap box lecture, but it's just hard to think about a generation never going to Angelo's in Flint.



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