Well, this is enough to make me never want to even consider fishing again.

Two teenage boys in Saginaw were trying to take advantage of the warmer weather last week and enjoy some fishing. They headed out around dusk and threw their lines in the Flint River. One of the boys looked down and noticed something in the water. Warning: this is where the story gets a little dark.

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As reported by Mlive.com, one of the boys retrieved what appeared to be a boot from the river. However, that's when the boys discovered that inside the boot...was a human foot. *cue me screaming loudly*

After what I'm assuming to be an initial, full body freak out comparable to someone walking into a spider's web, which is what I would've done, the police were called. The officers confirmed that, yes, there was a human foot inside the boot. Unfortunately, it was already dark at that point so a search for any other evidence was postponed until the next morning.

Police did return to the scene and conducted a search the next day...but found nothing. No other boots. Nothing else to indicate that something malicious had happened. But, the investigation is still ongoing and the potential victim has yet to be identified.

The boot was found a week ago on February 26th. If you have any information regarding this lone human foot found in a boot in the Flint River please contact the Saginaw County Sheriff's Office here.

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