If you live in or grew up in Jackson, you know just how special the spectacle that is the fireworks shows at Cascades Falls Park.

There is just always something special in the air in Jackson on days like Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day. Maybe it's just everyone being in a collective good mood or all the lakes in the area to go out and celebrate on.

However, like a lot of things, 2020 made those days feel a like something was missing...and there was...the fireworks shows. Luckily, in 2021, they are coming back!

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According to WILX News 10, there was a virtual meeting on Tuesday, April 13th where the Jackson City Council reached a decision that the people of Jackson have been looking forward to for about a year now regarding firework festivities.

WILX reports that a city official said in a release "Fireworks will burst over Jackson once again this summer. The City Council approved fireworks shows at the Cascades Park for the Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day holidays."

All three of those events among plenty of other Jackson-area favorites were cancelled last year due to the pandemic but this year the city is trying to get things going again and make it easier to do so.

WILX says the fireworks events are technically organized by Jackson county so they will still need City approval; however things are looking good as the City Council did also approve a resolution in which the City Manager can waive certain fees for certain permits.

CLICK HERE for more information on what fees are included.

All in all, after spending about 5 years away from my hometown and not being able to re-experience some of my favorite events my first year back, I am more than ready for this to be a summer of fireworks, fun, family and friends!

While the City of Jackson puts on some incredible firework displays, here's a look at some more from around the world:

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