Coronavirus has shut down a lot around Michigan and one jeweler, Johnny Perri owner of J&M Jewelers in Macomb County, thought of a great idea for his shuttered business....a treasure hunt. Since his jewelry business closed a few months ago he and his wife have been traveling more and thought of the concept of burying their gold, silver, and other jewelry around the state so people could go on an adventure and also make some money.

There are going to be several quests for the treasure with the first quest starting on August 1st, that one is sold out so the next new one is August 30th in Macomb County. The treasure you are looking for gold and silver valued at over $7,000.  You might be wondering, "what am I going to do with all of this silver and gold?". Well you don't have to keep them if you find them, you can sell them back to Johnny Perri, so you will end making some money on this hunt.

This is such a cool thing to be apart of especially if you are looking for a thrill and to make some quick cash. There are several more that you can be apart of in September as well, you can see more and sign up here. Just know if you want to go on the hunt for this treasure it does cost $50, but you could be making 100 times that if you can find the treasure.

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