I posted the following on Facebook over the weekend and, unsurprisingly, it brought a tidal wave of emotion; a lot of back and forth about the situation with Deven Guilford and claims that the video contains misinformation or misleading information about the case.  

I posted this video because it really made me think -- not so much about this particular case, but just about my personal mentality about our nation, its laws and how we view law enforcement; both its function and its impact on our everyday lives.

I think most people that listen to my show or are friends with me on Facebook and in "real life" know that I respect our law enforcement and all public safety officers and I am generally slow to pass judgement about officer actions in critical incidents because a) officers are putting their lives on the line daily, and b) it's impossible to know what flashes through a person's mind in that fleeting moment when a life and death decision has to be made.

Without further ado... 

I don't believe I've said a single word about this incident in the six months since it happened. It's a lot more difficult when it's this close to home and I typically have the "obey or die" mentality, which, admittedly, is 1,000% the wrong mentality to have in America. But, that seems to be America in 2015. I'm sorry for that and I'm going to work on changing myself.

This is a FANTASTIC video. Exceptionally well researched and produced.

It may not change your opinion of what happened last February, but it will do an incredible job of equipping you with critical knowledge about your rights and what being "free" actually means.

COP EXECUTES TEEN BOY: The Deven Guilford Story"I don't have a weapon.." -- Some of Deven's last words. He was shot 7 times by a cop. Get RISE OF THE WARRIOR COP for free: http://www.audibletrial.com/mc WARNING: This video contains graphic content. The full story has finally been exposed, thanks to Matthew Cooke.

Posted by Filming Cops on Monday, August 3, 2015

I believe it is time for you, me and all of America to step up, become real citizens and real patriots again; investing our time, energy and money in improving our local communities and saving our nation from complete misdirection.

If you don't recognize that America in 2015 is the Great Britain of 1775 our forefathers fought to escape, maybe watching a few more of these type of videos will give you second thoughts.

Thursday September 17th is National Constitution Day. A rally is planned for 6-7pm at Fayette Square in Owosso. "We will listen to the reading of the Declaration of Independence and some parts of the Constitution to recall and remember our foundations."

MORE: https://www.facebook.com/Shiawassee-County-912-CommissionInc-282293015120/timeline/?pnref=story

EVEN MORE:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Revolutionary_War

Finally, I would like to invite everyone to support our local law enforcement at a rally this weekend at the State Capitol.